2023 Featured Guest

Peter Kent

We are pleased to welcome Peter Kent to the show! Peter Kent is an actor and stuntman, and worked as Arnold Schwarzenegger's stunt double on numerous movies, including Terminator and Predator.

2023 Special Guests

  • John Delaney

    Comic Artist (Justice League Adventures, Futurama), Director (Voltron Force)

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  • Reggie Graham

    Artist (Sonic the Hedgehog)

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  • Colin Lorimer

    Comic Creator (Daisy, The Hunt), Storyboard Artist (The Last of Us)

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  • Hugh Rookwood

    Comic Artist (IDW, Image Comics, Dynamite Press)

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2023 Creator Guests

Cancelled Guests

  • Sometimes life, or scheduling conflicts, prevent guests from attending the show. The following guests will be unable to attend this year's comicon, but we wish them the best and hope to see them at a future show!

  • Andy Poon (Cancelled)

    Art director / Freelance concept artist

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