Roddy Williams

Originally from Halifax, Roddy now lives on Vancouver Island with his wife, 3 cats (insert judgement here), and a troubling amount of comic books (sure, more judgement, go ahead).

In 2016, Roddy started writing Sinclair, then drawing, then writing again, stopping, drawing, and repeating the cycle until he discovered Crizam Zamora’s line work and Caroline Nolasco’s colours, both of whom he promptly corralled into his grail quest, sticking with just doing covers, because of... well, vanity and ego (come on, judgey). Roddy will be launching Sinclair #2 this Spring, featuring art by newcomer Jesus Barrios, with covers by Crizam and... himself (see above...judge away).

Notoriously absent on social media, you can follow Roddy's attempts at art and writing on Instagram (@rowdyink2021).