Karen Gillmore

Victoria comics creator and illustrator, Karen Gillmore, believes that the way we build the world we want to live in is by imagining it through the stories we tell. Her all-ages comics, populated by intrepid women, space-faring cats, merfolk, muses, talking dolphins and dinosaurs, feature action without violence, and conflicts that are solved with humour, kindness, and tolerance.

Karen’s comics include the webcomic and book series The Quadra Cats, the graphic novel Spam and the Sasquatch (written by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough), zines, and several short story collections. She is the illustrator for the Explore with Sam and Crystal children’s book series by marine educator Dr. Gloria Snively, as well as their educational colouring book depicting sea life of coastal BC. She is currently writing a novel, Mermaid Music, based on her webcomic of the same name, and is one of the contributing artists to the Curious Comics Kickstarter comic, The Adventures of Captain Curious.