Quinton Foote

"My name is Quinton Foote and stories are my life. Whether it be through film or literature I have always found myself easily swept off my feet and taken to other worlds. During Covid restrictions, I took the first steps in creating a Fantasy series, known as the Ven Devar Saga. You can now read Book 1, The Mighty Ven Devar, and Book 2, The Siege of Shadow.

"To take it one step further, we have a podcast based on The Ven Devar Saga known as The Fables of Litore: War of a Thousand Dragons. The events of our show take place 10 years before the first book. I host the show and am joined by five amazing artists and actors. We have a truly unique world and love sharing these adventures with you every Monday!"

Website: qitupproductions.com