Katy DeCobray


Based in Vancouver, BC, Katy DeCobray’s origins are shrouded in
mystery and rumour. She first appeared at San Diego Comic Con in 2009 and
has been entertaining fans at conventions across the West coast ever since.
Katy DeCobray is a master of intrigue and disguise, creating costumes that
draw from a variety of sources from comic books to anime and video games,
although she has a particular penchant for personating villains in tight
black spandex and impossibly high heels.

You will most likely find her in the center of attention, nerding up your
selfies, and cursing her poor choices in footwear.

You can contact her via email and the following social media accounts:


Email: katydecobray@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KatyDeCobray
Instagram: @katydecobray
Twitter: @katydecobray