Brad Yung

Brad Yung is best known for writing and drawing the alternative comic strip, Stay as you are., which appeared in Geist Magazine, Adbusters, WestEnder, The Columbia Journal, Comic Relief Magazine, The Whistler Sea-To-Sky, Ricepaper Magazine, The Carbondale Times, and too many underground zines to mention.

He has also been an engineering student, a screenwriter, a toy store clerk, a zinester, a computer programmer, a merchandiser, an actor, a data collection associate, and now an author. He is proud of roughly half of those. Lessons I’m Going To Teach My Kids Too Late was written over the course of 12 years. It was initially inspired by his time working in a toy store, where one often sees the worst parenting in the world.

Brad's latest project is an ongoing comic book series about the nature of creativity, the relationship between an artist and their art, their obligations to their audience and to themselves, the notions of artistic integrity and compromise, and the concept of selling out — otherwise known as "The Return of Ninja Bear!"

He currently resides in Nanaimo, BC, under his new name, ‘Harry’s dad’.