Curious ComiCon 2020 has been delayed due to Covid-19. Click here for more info!


Q: Where does Curious ComiCon take place?

A: Curious ComiCon takes place in Country Club Centre. 3200 Island Highway, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Q: When is the next convention and what are the hours?

A: The next Curious ComiCon takes place May 2, 2020 and runs from 10AM until 6PM.

Q: How can I get updates about the show?

A: Follow our Facebook page here!

Q: Is Curious ComiCon for profit?

A: Absolutely not. Curious ComiCon Convention Society has been incorporated as a legal not-for-profit society. All individuals involved in the convention volunteer their time and all proceeds after expenses are donated to the supported charity and entry to all Curious ComiCon Convention Society events is entirely free. Our constitution, our guiding principles, reads: Curious Comicon Convention Society is an ordinary society formed for the purpose of creating, bringing in, and hosting events for the benefit of Vancouver Island residents who may not ordinarily be able to afford attendance, while promoting literacy and the arts in engaging ways, and raising funds for local charities. The society is primarily funded through donations, sponsorships and fundraising activities.

Q: How can I contribute to Curious ComiCon's continued success?

A: First of all, come to the convention! It is only because of Vancouver Island's incredible and supportive community that we are empowered to do what we do! If you want to contribute otherwise, contact us! We are always looking for passionate volunteers, sponsors, and vendors interested in contributing their time and expertise in support of our incredible charity partners.

 Q: How can I contact you if I have a question?

A: Contact us!